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Foshan everyone moved house warm remind you:Please look for the formal everyone moving company,Industrial and commercial network query true and false:440602000308673    Authentic brand、Beware of fake。

Foshan move industry well-known brands,Years of experience,Professional trustworthy,Foshan everyone moved houseEnterprise full name:Foshan city be forwarding co., LTD。


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Headquarters:Foshan city zen SAN shek wan street block buildings405Room

Contact phone:15800070080(Mr Long)

WeChat ID:15800070080

The city's unified service hotline:


   0757-22148882(Shunde special line)

Supervision and complaints:15627759000(The dragon's manager)

      12315(City disappear appoint)

Unified scheduling、Unified management、Five area chain

Unified service hotline:0757-88778000

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